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“The Jay Blaze #NoChillZone- “A Almost Educated Radio Show”

Broadcasting LIVE from the 101.9 Kiss FM Beasley Media Group Studios in Eastern North Carolina is the Jay Blaze #NoChillZone Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm.  It’s the best “ALMOST EDUCATED RADIO SHOW” you will ever hear!!!! Hosted by Jay Blaze, Clarke Jones, and Born Finesser!!! Here’s what you can expect!!!

  • #New@2-  @2:35Jay Blaze drops 2 New songs at 2:30pm and let the listeners judge which song is better!!
  • #TrendingTopics  AT 3:25 and 5:25pm, Clarke Jones runs down the top trending stories, while Jay Blaze chimes in with his almost educated view.
  • #Drive@5Mix-  @5pm Dj A To The L and Born Finesser give you a straight hour of Back to Back joints requested by you blended to perfection (AND NO ONE TALKS IT JUST MUSIC)!!!

Jay Blaze Rewinds-Missed something Jay Said?  Find it here in Jay Blaze #OnDemand Rewinds

  • Jay Blaze and Fetty Wap Don’t See Eye to Eye for some reason….
  • Jay Blaze schools Clarke on a Alternative Black History Fact, Jay educates Clarke on the Inventor of the “Pull-Out” Cleophus Jenkins from Bathe, NC
  • Jay Blaze “The Hater” is here for Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement, “You wasn’t this excited for your DAY 1 homegirl when she said she was pregnant, btw put that baby in a carseat” 


JAY BLAZE #NoChillZonePodcast

  • JAY BLAZE-  “Comic Tim Meadows” Episode 126 (Listen Below or Download HERE)



The Jay Blaze Mannequin Challenge Below






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