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Greenville Mayoral candidate inspired by God

08/01/2017 at 4:01 | Posted by keithcombs
Photo Credit: Gofundme/Curtis Pulley
Posted by  Keith Combs Curtis Pulley said that he was inspired by God to be the next mayor of Greenville. He wants to make major changes to the city. Pulley filed his papers to run for mayor of Greenville on July 7. He said he plans to heal people in the Tar River. He said this plan came to him after Hurricane Matthew, in a vision from God, and he hopes to use the opportunity to improve Greenville and the world through it. Pulley also wants to build in downtown Greenville a multi-billion stadium that will seat 75,000 to0 be use for football, basketball, concerts and religious events. He also wants 20-30 shops and restaurants, along with an amusement park. He wants to build four top rated 5 star hotels downtown also. He wants to called this entertainment complex after himself "Pulley's Empire". To stay there during the 30-day period, Pulley said attendees will read daily devotionals from “Our Daily Bread” and “In Touch,” two religious ministries that produce tracts. The cost for staying at "Pulley's Empire" will include a lifetime commitment of 10 percent of the visitor’s income. Through this system, Pulley said the complex will not cost the Greenville citizens any additional taxes. Pulley said that with all these massive improvements will naturally increase the profile of Greenville, attracting up to 200,000 additional residents. To cater to the increased size of the population, he wants Greenville to be 24 hour city.