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Mayweather and UFC Fighter, Conor McGregor Set to Fight in August

06/15/2017 at 2:02 | Posted by jblaze
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Undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather has signed on for the fight against UFC lightweight fighter Conor McGregor. It will take place in Las Vegas on August 26th. It will be a standard 12-round boxing match with10-ounce gloves airing on Showtime's pay-per-view. Now some of you may be like me & confused because didn't Mayweather retire a few months back? Well it seems that for a fight that could give each boxer $100 million, Mayweather reconsidered. Along with money, the fight could also be good for Mayweather's record, allowing him to be 50-0 instead of 49-0. MeGregor, on the other hand, is one of the most elite mixed martial arts fighters in the world, but has never boxed before. No amateur or pro, McGregor has never boxed before. The idea of the fight came after an oddsmaker in Las Vegas made Mayweather a minus-1000 favorite. McGregor is plus-650. MeGregor than hopped on social media saying he wanted to fight Mayweather, and of course Mayweather entertained it and here we are with a fight date for August. The question is, with no experience in boxing is MeGregor at a disadvantage for the fight? Written by Clarke Jones