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Officer in Terence Crutcher Killing Found Not Guilty

05/18/2017 at 1:27 | Posted by jblaze
The white, female officer, Betty Jo Shelby, was found not guilty on Wednesday by a jury in the killing of an unarmed, black man, Terence Crutcher. The incident that was caught on camera from a police helicopter, happened in September of 2016 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shelby was initial charted with first-degree manslaughter just days after the killing. Shelby shot Crutcher during an encounter that began with the report of a stalled vehicle. Crutchers hands were up throughout the incident, but he was still stop. Crutcher began walking towards his vehicle, and police believe he was reaching inside of the window of his vehicle, leading them to shoot. Officer Shelby fired her gun, while another officer tasered. No gun was found on his person or in his vehicle. Mr. Crutcher laid in the street for 2 minutes after he was shot before any medical aid was attempted. During the trial, Shelby testified that police training videos taught her to be careful about suspects pulling guns when they reach into their vehicles, according to The Associated Press. The jury was made up of 12 jurors who were crying as they left the courtroom and they did not look at either the family of Crutcher or Shelby. The jury comprised eight women and four men and included three African-Americans. Watch the video to see the actual footage from the incident: Written by Clarke Jones