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Empire Recap: Season 3 Episode 17

05/18/2017 at 10:02 | Posted by jackiepage
Did you miss this week’s episode of Empire? No worries, you know i got you. Just be mindful that this is a major SPOILER ALERT!
Here is what is going on with your favorite Empire cast:
Lucious-When a man loves a woman, boy-oh-boy.  Lucious, is making major changes to Empire because of Inferno Vegas and Juliana.Whenever Juliana says she wants something or doesn’t like something he acts. Mr. Lyon is also putting in some major work and reaching out to some old enemies to get his granddaughter Bella back.
Cookie- Cookie’s M.O. is Juliana must be rid of. She has put together a team of people to take Inferno Vegas and Juliana down. Unfortunately   her first team didn’t work the way she wanted them to, so she was force to build a better team, that actually is able to pull some major dirt on Juliana.
Andre-Cookie isn’t the only one who has an elaborate scheme. Andre had something up his sleeve this episode and it turned out that he is all over this gaming commissioner Charlotte-and I mean all over her!  Boy, is Andre slick.
Hakeem- Hakeem is struggling with the disapperance of this daughter. Every time he sees a baby-boy or girl- he thinks it’s are Bella.
Jamal- Jamal is actually getting along with his father and decidec to pusch back his album realse because so that Inferno Vegas, can be pushed out first.
Cameo’s tonight:
Juliana- Nia Long
Xzibit- Shyne