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Floridia Principal Transfered For Racist Memo

04/28/2017 at 2:00 | Posted by jblaze
The Principal of  Campbell Elementary School in St. Petersburg has requested a transfer after a memo was leaked that revealed her request for " white students in the same class" for next years enrollment. Campbell Park has 564 students 451 are black and 77 are white. The memo was perceived as racist and a internal investigation is going on. Principal Christine Hoffman met with parents on Monday with an apology. “As a white woman leading a predominately black school, I am approaching this as an opportunity to learn. “Although I have participated in training on diversity and implicit bias, this recent incident makes it clear that I need to seek additional opportunities to apply racial sensitivity and cultural competence in my work. I want all of my actions and decisions as principal to only strengthen and unite our school as we meet the needs of our students,” The former Principal has been transferred. written by Nicole Katherine