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Empire Recap: Season 3 Episode 14

04/27/2017 at 12:34 | Posted by jblaze
Did you miss this week’s episode of Empire? No worries, you know i got you. Just be mindful that this is a major SPOILER ALERT!    
After a two week hiatus Empire back like it never left. Here is what is going on with your favorite Empire cast members:
Lucious Seems to be feeling much better and is back to running Empire. During his normal day-to-day work at Empire, we got the details on how and when him and Juliana met. From what I gathered, it appears that it was some time after Cookie was sent to jail and things did not end on the best of terms between the two.
Cookie- Cookie is still battling her love her Lucious. She is trying to, yet again, convince everyone that she is in  love with Angelo. To prove this point,she actually asked Lucious  and her boys if they would be okay with Angelo asking for her hand in marriage. Lucious, who knows Cookie better than Cookie, told her that he would fall back if Angelo asked, But we all know this was a big lie.
Later in the episode Angelo, did ask for Cookie’s hand in marriage on live T.V.. Cookie, never quite said yes and got very upset with Angelo after the show about the surprise. She also came clean about her still having strong feelings for Lucious.  Unfortunately, Angelo did not take this news well and  went off on Cookie and everyone on the show heard it because he did not turn  his mic off. Ouch!
Andre- Andre is using every waking moment to push and get the support of the Vegas deal, even family time.
Hakeem- When given an opportunity to take another shot at Dre, for what he has been doing to his career, Hakeem decided to jump on the opp.  This opp proved to be a good look for Heem.
Jamal- Jamal spent most of this episode giving people advice. The advice ended up getting Angelo's feeling hurt and not being received from his old rehab buddy.
Anika- Anika took one for the team and did a really go job of getting the dirt on Tyrek.
Juliana(played by Nia Long) - Is calling the shots  and Andre is letting it happen. During this episode we also found out that she owes Lucious $10 million. 
Cameo’s tonight:
Taye Diggs- Angelo, cookie’s new bae.
Xzibit- Shyne
Tinashe- As herself