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Arkansas Has Their First Execution in 10 years

04/21/2017 at 11:48 | Posted by jblaze
Photo Credit: Mike Simons/Getty Images


Arkansas's legal injections are about to expire so they decided to use them before the expiration date. Ledell Lee was executed Thursday night minutes before his death warrant expired, the first execution Arkansas has done since 2005. Lee was on death row for the death of his neighbor, Debra Reese more than 20 years ago, in which  Lee allegedly struck Reese 36 times with a tire tool her husband had given her for protection. He was the first of four that will be executed as a result of Arkansas not wanting their supply of lethal injections to go unused before the expiration date at the end of the month. The original plan was for 8 prisoners to be executed over the next two weeks, but three men were spared. The issue with Lee's execution is that Lee’s final appeals had requested DNA testing that could potentially prove his innocence, but those appeals were denied. Lee's lawyer spend all of Thursday trying to get the execution delayed. According to Fox News, "McKesson Corp. says the state obtained the drug under false pretenses and that it wants nothing to do with executions." When companies of these specific drugs that are used in the executions tried to intervene, they were denied the attempt. "The pharmaceutical companies say there is a public health risk if their drugs are diverted for use in executions, and that the state's possession of the drugs violates rules within their distribution networks." "We believe we have done all we can do at this time to recover our product," the company said in a statement. Lee had no final words. He claimed his innocence throughout his time on death row. The question now is, should Lee's family sue? Written by Clarke Jones