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Law enforcement stepping up speeding patrols over Easter weekend

04/15/2017 at 5:45 | Posted by keithcombs
CARY, NC - JANUARY 22: A North Carolina State Trooper assists a stranded motorist along Interstate 40 during a winter storm on January 22, 2016 in Cary, North Carolina.   A major snowstorm is forecasted for the East Coast this weekend with some areas getting up to 30 inches of snow . (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)
Photo Credit: Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Posted by Keith Combs

The busy Easter holiday weekend is here and as you make your plans to be out and about this weekend, local law enforcement agencies are asking that you slow down while out on the road.

Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine campaign is going on this weekend across the state.

This speed enforcement campaign is part of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program and law enforcement agencies across the state are participating in the crack down.

It is a busy holiday weekend. Kids are out of school, family visiting from out of town, and many people are on vacation. More cars will be on the road this weekend. Law enforcement will be cracking down if you are speeding.

The speed enforcement campaign began on Thursday and will continue through April 23rd.