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Former Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden says he was detained in NY Airport

03/19/2017 at 3:07 | Posted by keithcombs
posted by Keith Combs Former Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden who retired from the Greenville Police department was detained by U.S. custom boarder and patrol officers as he was traveling back from Paris from his mother 80th birthday party. He said he was questioned over a hour because his name was on terror watch list and someone use it as an alias. The former chief too to Facebook to share his story. “I was taken to a back office which looked to be a re-purposed storage facility with three desks and signs stating, ‘Remain seated at all times’ and ‘Use of telephones strictly prohibited’ – my first sign that this was not a voluntary situation and, in fact, a detention,” he writes. A customs officer “explained that my name was used as an alias by someone on some watch list. He stated that he sent my information to another agency to de-conflict and clear me, so that I could gain passage into the United States.... my own country!!!” Aden retired after two years as police chief for Greenville. Before that he spent 25 years with the Alexandria Police Department in Virginia. Since retiring two years ago, Aden has gone on to consult with the Department of Justice and federal courts.
Aden believed he was profiled because of name and nationality. He has been a US citizen for 42 years. He also stated on Facebook
“This country now feels cold, unwelcoming, and in the beginning stages of a country that is isolating itself from the rest of the world – and its own people – in an unprecedented fashion. High levels of hate and injustice have been felt in vulnerable communities for decades – it is now hitting the rest of America.”