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Trump Illegally Surveilled Us..

03/17/2017 at 2:15 | Posted by jblaze
Photo Credit: Erik S. Lesser-Pool/Getty Images
As we all know President Trump is obsessed with surveillance. He has accused a few people like Obama of wire tapping him but it turns out that it's Trumps team that has been illegally surveilled  people on Trump property. He supposedly has installed video cameras in public areas of the Trump National Doral resort according to a surveillance company and they were make to look like smoke detectors. According to Trump's long time body guards son in his private club at Mar-a Lago he has a switchboard set up in his bedroom that is connected to every phone in his estate. An former employee said that Trump confronted him about a private phone conversation that was being held as he was on the other line. The employee says that he could have only known about that if he was wiretapping the phone line. In his 2000 book The America We Deserve Trump admits to possessing information on the personal lives of his hotel guests. So who else is being surveilled by Trump? Written by Nicole Katherine