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Former Power Ranger Plead Guilty to Murder

03/17/2017 at 2:45 | Posted by jblaze
Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If you're a 90s baby, you are probably too excited about the new Power Range movie coming out this month! If you can think back to the Saturday morning watching your favorite red power ranger, Red Lion Wild Force Ranger back in 2002, he has plead guilty to manslaughter for killing his roommate in 2015. Ricardo Medina, who is now 38, killed his roommate with a sword after an argument over his girlfriend back in 2015. Media stabbed the roommate 10 times - which he claims was self-defense. Initially, Medina was not charged, but after further investigation, he was charged with murder in January 2016. Medina was offered a plea deal to one felony count of voluntary manslaughter and admitted an allegation of using a sword in the killing. He is facing 6 years in a state prison, sentencing is March 30th. Written by Clarke Jones